Client Welcome Gifts with That's Darlin' Gifting

When trying to curate the perfect gift for L&L Couples, I hit a huge decision-making road block. How in the world will I ever find the perfect arrangement of items that not only say how excited I am to photograph their wedding day, but also set the tone for a high-end, effortlessly chic experience that L&L would provide throughout their engagement? Whew. That was totally a run-on sentence. But you get the gist, somebody call for backup! I needed someone to pull in the reigns on me because I was all. over. the. place. with excitement and ideas. Enter Malissa of That's Darlin' Gifting

Malissa and I exchanged countless emails brainstorming products...Malissa constantly pulled me back to reality explaining logistics of each product and how to make my brand truly shine. I am definitely a picky client, and Malissa was patient and kind when we went back to the drawing board to find the perfect champagne bottle (the label has to match everything!) and little clutch (the best white leather only, please!).... you see what I mean?! I am the worst. But it was all worth it! In the end, Malissa created a mockup for my final approval.

Once we finalized the gift design, Malissa did the rest. While I spent my time creating the L&L Bridal Guide, (an 80-page magazine which helps each and every L&L Bride plan their day) magic, Malissa ordered EVERYTHING for me and packaged them carefully in custom mailers. This way, each time I connect with a couple, their welcome gift is ready to go at a moments notice! She's kind of the gift fairy. With confetti.

I very much want to share the custom gift we created together, however I really don't want to ruin the surprise for my 2017 couples! So with them in mind, here is just a little peek! I will reveal it in full after 2017 is fully booked...until then you will just have to wait and see! ;-)

Oh! If you are a professional looking to work with Malissa, you'll have to watch the brand movement film done by my friend, Dana of between sleep and awake. Dana and I love collaborating with brands and small businesses to create content for your website and social media to truly connect with your clients and show them your passion and all that you do. While Dana films, I snap away so you have cohesive photographs and film to tell your complete story. Check. it. out!