Join Us For Cookies & Milk to Celebrate Baby Schify

Oh gosh, where do I begin? Of course I started this whole baby shower thing by saying I wanted to make it "not a big deal" and "super low key"... which it actually ended up being since we chose to host it at our new home. However, when you work with such talented wedding vendors all year long and they are sweet enough to lend a hand, your low key baby shower ends up looking like a work of art straight out of a magazine. I mean, all we told MaryKateMoon was that the theme was cookies & milk and that I loved this print from a little unicorn and she completely blew my expectations out of the water. And every little detail was perfectly executed by NE Occasion, I really didn't do much to make this look so gorgeous besides take the photos!

With eleven weddings in two months on my Oct/Nov calendar and a kitchen renovation underway, I had to come to terms that there was NO WAY I could do it all and I am so thankful to Nicole of NE Occasion, a full-service planning + design company specializing in small events such as baby showers, bridal showers, you name it for stepping up along with Paige to help take the burden off myself, mom, sis-in-law and friends whom I just wanted to enjoy themselves. 

And enjoy ourselves we did! With CRDNL catering, I didn't enter my kitchen ONCE to help in any way. My guests were raving about the menu, which included chocolate chip mini pancakes and parfaits when they arrived and switching to nostalgic comfort kid foods such as chicken fingers and grilled cheese (all I've been craving!) for lunch. A huge thank you to Noon Design Shop for hand pouring three candle cookie-flavored scents and creating a custom label as the shower favor and to The Vintage Cake for creating the perfect cake for the occasion and for Dovetail Vintage Rentals for always having THE best pieces such as that vintage baby bath.

MOST importantly, thank you to my family & friends for flying in and driving from all over to celebrate our baby on the way and to my beautiful mom who helped in more ways I can list and gave such a sweet speech that made EVERYONE ugly cry. Not cool, mom. There's a photo below of my mom handing me all my old Berenstain Bear books from when I was little and my face says it all :D

Oh, also wanted to clear something up that has been a funny mix up - our baby's name is NOT Schify. Ha! Our last name is Schifilliti and all of my husband's friends call him Schify, so we thought it was a cute way to reference our baby on the way. I'm sure whatever we choose to name our baby, his friends will ultimately call him Schify as well. Although, Schify Schifilliti does have a nice ring to it ;) xx Jessa