A Winter Engagement Session in Central Park with Christa & Bob

When Christa and I chatted about a winter engagement session in central park, I gave her fair warning at what we were getting ourselves into. I mentioned how fickle New York winters were (as she was well aware!) and with the most popular park in the world (it must be!) as our backdrop, we were sure to catch throngs of bustling people in our shots. For this reason, they chose to be absolute troopers and arrive on a mid-week morning (last) January - they had to wake up way before the sun did and I'm sure they didn't finish their first cup of coffee before heading out the door, but it was SO WORTH IT - we had the park exclusively to ourselves! Did I mention the snow was falling so gently, I swore we were on a movie set with a crew sprinkling perfect snowflakes onto our leading lady and her handsome fiancé? Well, it happened and I felt like I had to whisper because it was just that pretty.

Another reason I am so excited to share Christa & Bob's engagement session with you because Christa and I used to work together at InStyle Magazine a few years back and I love keeping in touch with savvy work friends like Christa because I swear they are conquering the world devil-wears-prada style one magazine feature at a time. For instance, how insanely perfect is Christa's outfit for this winter scene? I was in heaven capturing all their chic details! Christa and Bob had so much fun taking direction, letting go of nerves and being silly together and it made their session so much fun that we could hardly feel the cold! Well, almost. See for yourself...

Psst.... C&B got engaged at Belvedere Castle right where we shot their engagement session! Read the full love story over on their L&L website.