A Spring Refresh for Love & Light Photographs

Who else is completely ready for spring? I know I am! As the snow starts to melt, I am seriously ready to open all the windows in my house, take my dogs for a walk, and officially put away my winter coats for good. Speaking of winter, I am fully aware that I have been in somewhat of a hibernation this winter blogging-wise. But it's for a very good reason, I swear! Here it goes...


I have been been working on a very personal project... a branding refresh! Let me give a little bit of background on this. I began Love & Light Photographs in the December of 2012, and as everyone who starts their own business knows, you need a logo and a website to get started. And that's what I did! I dusted off my creative advertising degree from Syracuse University and created a very simple website so I could start doing what I love.

And now, a little over two years later, Love & Light Photographs has become something so much more than I could have ever anticipated. Published in some of my favorite blogs and magazines, and a calendar jam-packed with super cool clients, it sometimes feels like a dream.  During these past two years, my style really began to develop. With every photograph I took, it was clear that I was outgrowing my branding and that I was ready to refresh the look of Love & Light Photographs.

With spring on the horizon and my 28th birthday next week, it seemed fitting to make March the month where my new logo, website, video and overall branding go live! I am so excited to share all this with you! I will be blogging about the making of my logo, behind the scenes of the video for the website, and my experience at the Go Live! Workshop which I will be attending in a few short weeks! Did I mention I am extremely excited? For now, I'll share a very important part of my new logo hand-drawn by the talented Jenny Sanders of Graceline... the ampersand! What do you think?!