Aruba Destination Wedding at Manchebo Resort and Spa // Dayna & Tom

Well, that settles it. Destination weddings really are as dreamy as they seem. You have the luxury to capture details on island time, which means I shot this dress photo the night before with golden hour light (usually we shoot dresses at high noon - so it was fun to play with the light!) Did I mention that I was also a bridesmaid in this wedding? Yep, Dayna is one of my very best friends and I really don't know what I would do without her. Always the hopeless romantic, Dayna dreamed of her perfect someone for as long as I can remember - and she finally found Tom, a person she thought couldn't actually exist. I will always remember how special these five days were, with our friends traveling across oceans and continents to be together. Love you two from the bottom of my heart! 

Just in case you needed proof that I was shooting this wedding in my Two Birds bridesmaid dress  and bare feet in the sand with my hair plastered to my head (thanks Aruba wind, thanks a lot) ... here it is! A HUGE thank you to my second shooter Asher who took the reins when I needed to jump in the shots and to enjoy the ceremony and party as a guest - you are truly the best! 

Calligraphy: Parris Chic Boutique | Bridesmaid Dresses: Two Birds Bridesmaid