A New Jersey Golf Course Engagement: Cait + Brian

When my couples ask me where they should do their engagement photos, I always ask, "Well, what do you two do together on the weekends? That's what I want to photograph. You two being yourselves in a spot that means something to you." So Cait + Brian immediately thought of golf. Brian spends most Sundays golfing - in fact, by the time I met them at the course, he had already done 9 holes earlier that day! Cait loves to tag along for the ride, driving the cart and cheering Brian on. After golfing, Cait had set up an adorable picnic with rentals curtesy of dovetail rentals - complete with their favorite pie. Check out their e-sesh and read their adorable love story as you go....


Brian first spotted Cait at none other than his college team’s infamous hockey house. He asked who the nerd was – the nerd, suspenders, glasses, pocket protector and all, was Cait. They were introduced that Halloween night but neither was looking for a relationship at the time.


Before spring semester, Brian’s mom mentioned to him that there was a pretty young lady having fun in the stands at every hockey game. She liked the girl’s Longchamp purses and thought they would make a good match! Little did she know that Brian had been thinking about that nerd too…


Brian had started a tradition of bringing friends together on Thursday nights for “family dinners” at Villa Maria.  Brian elicited the help of a mutual friend (and Cait’s now maid of honor!) Lauren, asking her to invite Cait to a family dinner.  It wasn’t until that night, months later, that Cait finally paid any attention to what a charismatic, driven, and fun-loving guy Brian was. 


From that night on, Brian and Cait knew that this was different; this was it. A few weeks later, Brian brought Cait home and introduced her to his family. As she walked in the door, Brian’s mom shrieked to his sister, “It’s her! It’s really her! She’s the one from the hockey games!” Their story is proof that Mom really does know best.


Fast forward almost five years later, when Brian’s proposal was delayed by Cait spraining her ankle and again by Cait getting her appendix out! He was finally able to propose on December 18, Cait’s 26th birthday. When Cait got home, he had a (fakeout!) pot of water boiling on the stove, “getting ready” to cook Cait her requested birthday dinner of filet and lobster tails :)


Brian handed Cait a few unusual birthday presents: a box of candy canes (?), a blu-ray of the movie Elf (they didn’t even own a blu-ray player), a 100 Grand chocolate bar (OK this is a favorite!), next Cait unwrapped a bottle of chilled champagne – finally a present she could really enjoy! Brian confused Cait as he took the last present from her and began opening it himself. But then everything made sense as Brian unwrapped a ring box, got down on one knee, and asked Cait to be his wife. 


After tears and lots of shaking (mostly on Cait’s part!) Brian told Cait that he did enough for one day! The dinner “cooking” was a just a distraction and instead Brian took Cait to Tabor Road Tavern, a restaurant she had wanted to go back to ever since attending Joey and Lindsay’s “tie the knot” party there!  Tabor Road Tavern must be the place for celebrating love because as Cait walked in the door, she was surprised by both of their families, ready to cheers! Now it was clear why Cait’s mom insisted that they meet for a birthday manicure, despite a snowstorm, the night before her birthday :)


Cait and Brian are so excited to tie the knot on August 1st, 2015 - and I am looking forward to capturing the day! Especially all that Gilded Lily Events will cook up for their special day :) Thank you for having me along on your golf Sundays -- it was a blast and I should really work on my swing so I can play next time!