The Workshop with Jasmine Star in New York City

It felt like the first day of school. The same feeling I had when I was 6 years old getting on the kindergarten bus. I even bought a new notebook (Rifle Paper Co., of course.) and was nervous about making new friends. It was different than high school and college to me because I was on my way to sit in a room with other talented photographers and talk about the one thing I love the most. It gets pretty lonely working from home! AND on top of it all, I would be meeting the person who came along at the perfect time to help me make my dream into a reality. Okay, maybe that's a little cheesy. But she's super cool and she made becoming a wedding photographer seem just so tangible to me.

I loved the portion of the day where we took notes and just listened to Jasmine's perspective. All the other workshop attendees were SO nice, and I loved bouncing ideas and sharing great tips with one another. We then traveled to The Highline in NYC to photograph the lovely Jeremiah and Katelyn Rose. It was drizzling and there were crowds so I decided to embrace the chaos (just like a potential wedding day!) and I love these genuine moments that I captured. Genuine is just one of the three branding words I chose to describe Love & Light Photographs.

Can you handle this dream team?! Jasmine Star, JD, Kat Harris, and Gabriella New York Bridal Salon all helping to make Katelyn look her best - despite the drizzle and the tourists! I was loving the umbrellas and the crowds...New York City at its finest!

 Ava Flora's creations were effortless and so chic, I loved how the florals just popped off the gray of the background to create that early summer feel.

After The Highline, Jasmine and JD wasted no time while waiting for our ride back to M Wild Studio! Jasmine happily answered questions and even used her hubby JD to show us some go-to poses to whip out in a time-crunch that are unique to each and every couple. Clearly we all couldn't help but snap a few of these two being adorable...especially since Jasmine can't take the poses very seriously!

Seriously the light at M Wild Studio was just incredible. I could shoot here for days upon days. It really fits the bright and airy feeling of Love & Light, and I loved seeing Jeremiah and Katelyn loosen up between takes as Jasmine was teaching us how to apply the go-to poses and shoot for your brand words. 

Such a beautiful job on Katelyn's hair and makeup Facetime Beauty! She looked flawless and naturally stunning.

So great meeting you all and I had such a fun time! Below I will share the top 3 things I took away from the the WORKSHOP:

- Curate your blog posts. A tighter edit! Only highlight your BEST and while choosing between one or the other, envision the photo as a 24x36 print that represents you as a brand and photographer. Watch how quickly one won't make the blog post cut.

- Establish a workflow and execute it every single week and for each and every couple. From first email to delivery of your final product, there should be a system in place that you follow by the book!

- Shoot for your branded words! For me, genuine moments and editorial details set in romantic, bright and airy spaces really defines me as a photographer. Having a style and a vision will start to create consistency in your brand and hopefully one day, someone will say "That's a Love & Light image, isn't it?!" 

Hey, a girl can dream - right?!

Thanks for such a great day everyone! Check out Jasmine's post on the day here.