Big Sur Road Trip, Part I: Stop The Car!

The start of our road  trip up California Highway 1 started off kind of anti-climatic. Michelle, Erin and I packed the car and hopped in (I got shot gun!) and I exclaimed that I needed an iced coffee stat. We turned the corner from Erin's Santa Monica apartment ready to start our 6 hour road trip...ready to listen to awful (awesome) girl music and to roll down our windows and see the gorgeous coast line...and then I discovered that LA traffic everyone raves about. Yep, the start of our road trip was bumper to bumper, might-as-well-put-the-car-in-park kind of traffic. We joked about just going back to Erin's apartment and forgetting the whole trip. But I am so glad we persevered, because pretty soon the roads started to look like the photo below...


Never in my life have I ever had the time to just pull over to take photos. Isn't that strange? Always running on a schedule, never having the time to pull over spontaneously and take in the scenery. This is what this road trip was all about. Our pilot, Michelle, has no problem taking a detour when it comes to gorgeous landscapes. In fact, she was the ring leader in this mind set. She pulled over TWICE to try to get the perfect photo of this mountain fog. 

So there we were in the golden hour of light, in awe of this fog rolling across the mountains. We even ran across the highway to the median and it felt so peaceful. No one was around, and it felt like we were the only three people in the world who were witnessing how pretty this was. 

I'll always remember Michelle's little mischievous face as crossed the highway and climbed this partition. All of us were outside our normal routines and comfort zones, doing something just a little crazy was very much needed. I recommend a dose of this for everyone reading! 

The road trip was only a few hours in, and I had already learned a super cheesy lesson. Pull over. Stop for a second. Look around. You'll get to your destination eventually. You know...stop and smell the roses kind of stuff. 


Thanks for reading... so much more to come! xo Jessa