A Branford, Connecticut Engagement: Krystina + Mark

They both went to the University of Connecticut for the same four years, but their paths never seemed to cross. Krystina and Mark went to the same parties and even had the same friends - but it wasn't until after college that these two would finally meet and in the funniest way! They met because of an online advertisement placed by a guy named Nick who was looking for a roommate. Mark happened to need a place to live at the time, so he responded to the ad. It is funny that from that simple ad that he met his future best man AND his future wife.  Mark was introduced to Nick's friend Krystina shortly after...and the two began dating! 

Well Mark has new roommates now  - and that is Krystina and their pup Opie. They live together in Branford, CT,  just a short drive from this adorable Trolley Trail where we began their engagement shoot.

Walking along the trail, we found this adorable bridge where the light was simply perfection. The time of day and the scenery was just right.... so clearly this is when you will see your photographer go absolutely giddy with delight.  

The trolley tracks were worth the walk! Krystina and I loved the symbolism of the two trolley paths that merged into one. Mark didn't really share our corny girl moment, however he promised to make sure we weren't flattened by oncoming trolleys. Thanks Mark.

How cute are they?! Mark wears hats all the time ... in fact he is rarely seen without one on. So it seemed so fitting to have a UConn hat as a part of the shoot. 


After the trail, Mark and Krystina did a quick outfit change and grabbed their pup Opie before heading down to the beach which is just a small walk from their home. And I am not kidding you, this island is called "Lover's Island". I can't make this stuff up. But since the tide was out, they were able to walk on out to the island and take some sweet photos.


When Mark proposed, he did so by surprising Krystina with this sweet puppy! When Krystina got over the shock and excitement of seeing her brand new puppy, Mark told her to look at the dog's collar. Krystina nearly fell over and actually did drop the dog because there on Opie's collar was the most beautiful engagement ring. How could she possible say no, right?

I'll end with this gorgeous sunset moment. Because, well, it was the cherry on top to a really fun engagement session xo