A Sag Harbor, NY Engagement: Kristen + Chris

Let me just preface this post by saying that Kristen and I were flower girls together back in the day. Yes, the two of us threw petals out of our little baskets, pouted during family portraits, and of course, showed off some serious dance moves in our layers of tulle and lace. And now, Kristen is getting married! It's been quite a few years (ahem...decades?) since I have seen her, but it was so great to reconnect and to meet her husband-to-be Chris in the town of Sag Harbor, New York. So now, more about the happy couple...

Kristen and Chris met on a hot summer night at Public Bar in D.C.  Chris was at a bachelor party and Kristen had been sake bombing before they laid eyes on each other, so the details are a little fuzzy.  They left the bar with each other's numbers and a feeling they needed to see each other again.  Four days later, they went on their first date to Cafe Italia, a small Italian restaurant down the block from Kristen's apartment.  Chris, usually a smooth dude, was so anxious on his way to meet Kristen, he pulled over and changed his shirt on the highway. He continued to be nervous during the date, causing him to sweat excessively; Chris was wiping his brow so much that the waitress offered to point a fan directly on him.  He took the offer, but the fan dried out Chris' contact lenses, so instead of sweating, he was blinking and rubbing his eyes constantly. 

 While Chris was a bit of a mess, Kristen quickly fell for his sense of humor and charming personality. Things between the two of them moved quickly, and Chris swept Kristen off her feet with exciting dates like Cirque du Soleil, DC Improv, and a weekend trip to Baltimore, plus tasty treats that satisfied her sweet tooth (the real key to her heart)! During these first few months of dating, Kristen and Chris knew this was more than the average relationship. It was during Hurricane Sandy when they were stuck inside Kristen's apartment for two days, binge watching Homeland and wearing just their PJs, that they realized this was love.  A year after meeting, the couple bought a house together in Fairfax, VA, which they have made into their happy home!


20 months after their tipsy introduction, Chris got down on one knee and asked Kristen to be with him forever.  He had the ring for 2 months and was waiting for the right time to include Kristen's family in the proposal.  When Chris and Kristen decided to drive up to New York for St Patrick’s Day to spend the weekend with her family, he knew this was the perfect opportunity.  He had already asked for her parent’s blessing, but he called her mom and told her he was ready to seal the deal that weekend. While walking around Sag Harbor with Kristen's brother, girlfriend, and cousins, Chris pulled Kristen onto Long Wharf, a beautiful pier overlooking the water and marina. 

He sat her down on a bench, pulled a photo album out of his backpack, and asked Kristen to look through it.  In the photo album, there were pictures of Chris holding up signs asking Kristen to marry him in meaningful places to the couple in DC.  Once Kristen realized this was his proposal, Chris got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked her to be his wife.  After a big YES and lots of hugs and kisses, Kristen and Chris went back to the family house, where Kristen's mom was fully prepared with balloons, cake, and plenty of champagne to go around. They had their private and intimate moment, but were able to then celebrate with the family; it was absolute perfection.

I am so excited to photograph Kristen + Chris's wedding in October of 2015 - thank you sooo much for having me in Sag Harbor and to experience this amazing town for myself! You two are filled with so much love, it felt like we had hung out a thousand times before! I could not be more happy for my fellow flower girl...who has found her someone.