Six Questions in a Little White Dress with Miss June

When I think of June I think beach. June is filled with sand, bare feet, and beach cruisers. And let's not forget, it's the height of Little White Dress season! It is a time where everyone packs up their cars and heads to the nearest or dearest beach in their hearts. For me, that beach is Lavalette, New Jersey where my husband's family has a lovely little place steps from the sand. AND as fate would have it, one of my best friends Dayna is now also going to frequent the same little town with her budding new family! My Miss June's fiancé has a beach house here, too! So it felt fitting to meet on the beach and take a few photos with my loves of June. Dayna rode a cruiser, modeled this gorgeous lace dress by Joie, caught a butterfly, and chatted with me about planning her destination wedding from afar...


Dayna is tying the knot in April 2015 at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa in Aruba. I am so excited to be one of her bridesmaids AND be photographing their day!

1. Describe your upcoming wedding to us...big classy affair or small bohemian and intimate? Do you have a theme or just sticking to a certain color palette? A few words to describe my wedding is relaxed, intimate and fun! It will take place with everyone's toes in the white sand of Aruba at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa. Our ceremony is right on the beach with the ocean behind us during sunset. The cocktail hour and reception is only steps away on the resort's outdoor pavilion where I plan to dance the night away with our closest friends and family! The wedding itself will be a dream, but I am more excited about this once in a lifetime beach vacation with everyone we love. 

2. Priorities! Where are you splurging for the big day and where are you reeling it in?Besides splurging on the destination wedding itself (flights, hotels, etc.) my main priority was capturing my day with someone I trusted. One of my bridesmaids also happens to be a professional wedding photographer and owner of Love & Light Photographs. I am blessed to have her as my best friend and also the person in charge of ensuring that the memories of my wedding will last forever. My big splurge is flying her team to Aruba to help photograph our wedding. One of the perks of having a destination wedding is only inviting the most treasured people in our lives and only paying for them! Weddings with more people cost more and keeping it small also allowed us to save! 


3. Being a bride today is much different than it was 20 years ago. What old traditions are you holding on to, and what new traditions are you making your own? Traditions are important to my fiance and I, but a destination wedding is definitely a nontraditional affair.  One tradition we plan to follow is not seeing each other before the ceremony. My favorite part of weddings is the grooms face when he sees his bride for the first time walking down the aisle. Unfortunately one tradition I hoped to keep was wearing a veil, however if you have ever been to Aruba you would know that the strong breeze would most likely take my veil with it. We also decided to take the garter gig out of our reception. Didn't want to make our single friends and family do anything out of their comfort zone. 


4. Is your fiance very hands on or very hands off when it comes to planning? Both have their challenges! How are you dealing and what is most important to him on the big day? My fiance since day 1 has been everything I could hope for when it comes to planning. He is involved in the big things when he needs to be and backs off for the small details that are best done by the bride. I think its crucial to do some planning together such as the venue, guest list, food, choosing a DJ or band, but I highly suggest you let your men off the hook when you pick out invitations, flowers, favors etc. We have more of a eye for this part of planning and the last thing I would want is a grumpy groom that was spending hours on Esty and The Knot. When I asked my fiance what is most important for him on the big day he said, "That you have the best day of your life and everything goes as planned." Looks like he was taught well. Perfect balance between caring enough and stepping aside to let the bride take the reins when she needs to. 

5. Have you found something helpful for planning or stumbled upon the coolest vendor or website? Share your hidden gem!! For all you destination wedding lovers you must visit This website allows you to create an alternative registry that guests may purchase gifts towards your honeymoon. For example you can buy a "Spa day for two" or "a tropical excursion" that is catered to your honeymoon. AND its free! 

6. What is the best piece of advice you have received about wedding planning when you got engaged? Worst piece of advice? Best piece of advice I was given was to enjoy the ride. I was complaining and feeling stressed about all that has to get done and someone told me to relax, sip the champagne, have fun playing dress up and go with the flow. Of course there are times I feel overwhelmed, but then I think that this is the one time in my life to show the world how madly in love I am and the chance to have my dream wedding with the man of my dreams. Worst piece of advice, not exactly advice but a lot of comments about "what people are going to think if you..." Do not lose sight that your wedding is about you and your fiance celebrating your love. Who cares about what everyone else thinks? Its your wedding, do whatever you want! 


BONUS QUESTION! How did you ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding party? We are always looking for new ideas! Since I am having a destination wedding I wanted to ask my bridesmaids to be in my wedding with something related to traveling. I had cosmetic travel bags personalized with their names on them and a note inside asking them to be my bridesmaids. Seems to have been a good idea, they have already started to use them! 

Thank you Dayna, I cannot wait to document your wedding day! If you have any more questions for her, leave them in the comment section below. Also, if you would like to rent this adorable sea-glass colored beach cruiser for your engagement shoot or wedding day, just contact me ad we can set it up! :)