Dream Chasing, Progress & Reflection

So around this time last year, (May 31st to be exact) I received my very first wedding inquiry. Yes, you heard right. One year ago. It feels like a lifetime because I have learned SO much and have come so far. But from January 2013 until May 2013, I had my eyes glued to Jasmine Star's RESTART class on Creative Live. I made myself a logo, a website, a brand, an LLC. I second shot everything I could. By the way, this is all while we were house hunting AND planning our own wedding...2013 was a year for the record books. Around the time I had set up my contact page, I took the weekend to shoot my best friend's courthouse wedding on May 31, 2013. It was there that I was lounging by the pool that I heard PING sound of an email. A sound that has since become music to my ears. And there in my inbox was my very first inquiry. 

I am sure other photographers remember where they were when this happened to them. I will really remember it forever. And now, one year later I have just booked my 25th wedding. 25 phenomenal, awesome couples that have let me get to know them and to capture this special day in there lives. I will never, ever stop being in awe of this.

So before I pack my bags for a wedding tomorrow, I wanted to stop and look around and say thank you. Thank you Jasmine Star, Amy Rizzuto, Ellen Hicks (Matson), Michelle Lange, Jenelle Kappe, Mekina Saylor, Anne Kilcullen, Roey Mizrahi, Caroline Frost, Meg Miller, Style Me Pretty, Brian, My Parents, and my Sweet Couples for being my biggest supporters and mentors in 2013. Oh, and thank you to all those doors that closed so that I could finally find my true calling. Hindsight is always 20/20. Now cheers to the future! 

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!!


Styling in photo by Gilded Lily Events / Calligraphy by Mary Kate Moon