Six Questions in a Little White Dress with Miss May

So when I was thinking about who would be Miss May for the "Six Questions in a Little White Dress" series, Jen immediately popped into my head. She is a may baby through and through - and I have fond memories of celebrating her birthday this time of year. I also knew that a floral crown had to be involved. From there, Jen and I were looking at hippy inspired maxi dresses that gave the whole coachella vibe to it. But then, Jen slipped on this gorgeously structured Little White Dress, and I fell in love. The structure of this modern and chic dress contrasts the soft romance of flowers in Jen's hair...and I just love this fresh take on two trends that usually do not meet. Hope you enjoy drooling over her adorable outfit, and relate to her trials and tribulations of planning a wedding! 

Jen is tying the knot in June 2015 at The Sagamore in Lake George, New York. I am so excited to be one of her bridesmaids and that my friend Michelle Lange is photographing their day!

1. Describe your upcoming wedding to us...big classy affair or small bohemian and intimate? Do you have a theme or just sticking to a certain color palette? We're shooting for a medium sized wedding that still feels intimate, 125-150 guests is our sweet spot. Our colors are peach, blush and mint, and I guess you could call it a romantic Spring theme. We're also taking the surrounding Adirondack atmosphere into consideration, so we'll integrate native plants and decor as much as possible. 


2. Priorities! Where are you splurging for the big day and where are you reeling it in? We are splurging on the venue. I always remember the food and the party! Although I'm a sucker for gorgeous centerpieces, we're reeling it in on the petals and swag. One of the coordinators also mentioned to stay simple with party favors, because most people leave them behind anyways! 


3. Being a bride today is much different than it was 20 years ago. What old traditions are you holding on to, and what new traditions are you making your own? When I first started to answer this question, I thought that my wedding was pretty traditional.. my father is walking me down the aisle, I'm having beautiful bridesmaids, we're having a sit down dinner with all of the toasts and dances.. but then thinking about the details I've changed my mind - my wedding is loosely based around tradition. I'm not planning to toss the bouquet or wear a garter, and I'm still on the fence about wearing a veil (although my mother may insist). Although it would be ideal, work schedules may not permit an immediate honeymoon getaway.. and I'm still working to convince my fiancé to do first look photos, because it's more intimate and personal (much like our engagement was).


4. Is your fiance very hands on or very hands off when it comes to planning? Both have their challenges! How are you dealing and what is most important to him on the big day?
Caleb is very hands on, down to every single detail and beyond - which is great because we're truly a team. However, I'd like to not have to explain or compromise on everything! All things considered though, I value Caleb's opinion and it is truly wonderful to not bear the full burden of planning. Plus, it doesn't hurt that we have incredibly similar taste. Let's see.. most important to him is that everyone has the time of their life celebrating with us!

5. Have you found something helpful for planning or stumbled upon the coolest vendor or website? Share your hidden gem!! I probably sound like a broken record, but I love Etsy and Pinterest. My hidden gem = all of my friends who have recently tied the knot, their advice is priceless. My photographer, Michelle Lange, also sent me a Bridal Guide with an outline of the day along with other vendor recommendations which was not only helpful, but incredibly thoughtful! 


6. What is the best piece of advice you have received about wedding planning when you got engaged? Worst piece of advice? The best piece of advice I received was to take one thing at a time. The worst, the just have all of your friends take photos instead of spending thousands of dollars on a professional photographer - sorry, I love my friends and do not doubt their Instagram capabilities, but I'm going to have these photos forever!


BONUS QUESTION! If you could have one celebrity be your maid of honor who would it be and why? According to Buzzfeed, my celebrity bridesmaid is Taylor Swift. But, I respectfully disagree. Have to go with Jennifer Lawrence. This is because she's so much fun and casual, and I think she'd be a phenomenal corn hole partner! 

Aaaand since Mother's Day was yesterday, here's a cute pic of Jen and her momma - who was in town and came along on the shoot with us - how cute are they!? Twinsies. 

Floral crown provided by the amazing Gilded Lily Events | Little White Dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA | Shoes: TSUBU | Nails: Essie Sittin' Pretty | Photographed in Hoboken, New Jersey

Any questions or comments to Jen, please leave in the comment section! Happy planning!