Six Questions in a Little White Dress

So here we go, this is the first ever edition of the "Six Questions in a Little White Dress" series! (Okay, it was five questions at first, but the girls who gave me suggestions had such great ideas that it just had to be six. I like even numbers better anyway, don't  you?) This will be coming up on your news feed monthly. Kind of like calendar girls...but classier.

This came to fruition for a few reasons. The first being that I am obsessed with Little White Dresses. The year I got married I must have bought at least four. There is nothing better than a girl in an LWD, in my opinion. I googled endlessly to find THE PERFECT fit for my rehearsal dinner, and took me forever to find it. So if one bride stumbles upon this post and finds her perfect LWD, than my job here is done. The second reason is that I have such amazing, smart, beautiful friends. (Don't get a big head about it or anything) I wanted a reason for us to get together, for them to feel pretty and talk about wedding planning. The third and final reason is that I wanted to share this excitement and stress of planning a wedding with other brides out there. Hopefully you can get ideas from one another so you can see that you are not in this alone!


So, without further ado....your Miss March if you will... Erin! 

1. Describe your upcoming wedding to us. Is it a big classy affair or small, bohemian and intimate? Is 200 guests intimate? Because we think it is!! We want our wedding to be a glamorous festive celebration to rival Gatsby's big summer blowouts. 

2. Priorities! Where are you splurging for the big day and where are you reeling it in? So far, everything seems to be a priority!! We are "hoping" to save on stationary/invitations... We'll see how that goes. 

3. Being a bride today is much different than it was 20 years ago. What old traditions are you holding on to, and what new traditions are you making your own? Some traditions are so romantic. Getting married in the church with traditional vows links you to all couple in history that came before. To me, it's a way of honoring the covenant of all marriages of the past. So romantic!! Other traditions I can, and will, definitely do without. For example, we are not be removing a garter or tossing the bouquet.

4. Is your fiance very hands on or very hands off when it comes to planning? Both have their challenges! How are you dealing, and what is most important to him on the big day?My fiancé is very hands on! He gives a lot of feedback after we meet with vendors. It's really helpful to have another perspective, because I seem to have permanent Rose colored glasses on. I love everyone and everything! My fiancé helps me be more decisive and realistic. The band is definitely my fiancé's most important aspect of the day. He wants everyone to be dancing and having an awesome time. 


5. Have you found something helpful for planning or stumbled upon the coolest vendor or website? Share your hidden gem! God bless Pinterest!! It has been an amazing resource for me to collect inspiration for all facets of the day. I found my planner, color palette and decor/theme through it. Also, I think hiring a planner is a MUST!! It makes the planning experience fun and not a full time job!  My planner is the amazing Carrie Johnson of Details Details Wedding & Events. She is a godsend. 

6. How are you going to remember your day? We'd love to know your momento and keepsake ideas! I plan on preserving my wedding dress, but other than that, I don't plan on saving a keepsake. The photos and video seem like plenty to me. 

Because I just can't help myself...BONUS QUESTION: If you could have one celebrity to be your maid of honor, who would it be and why?! Keri Russell!!! I was/still am a Felicity fanatic. That show taught me all I know about relationships and love. Plus, she is the most beautiful woman in the world! ...Wait, she might make me look bad... Also, Best Man would hands down be Michael Jordan... No explanation needed.

The Little White Dress is by Dolce Vita and the freshly picked flowers were arranged by Blade Floral and Event Designs. Erin + Steve will be tying the knot in May 2015 in California and Jasmine Star will be documenting their day! I will just be there schmoozing and trying to figure out the best way to tell Jasmine that I love her. Not awkward at all.

Also, since Steve was with us and being such a gentleman holding all the bags and such, I had to sneak in a few of the two of them right before we had dinner at Freeman's. (A secret gem down an alleyway - you have to go!)

So happy for you two!!! xoxo Jess