Published In... Utterly Engaged

You know the morning of that ugly, gross slush rain storm we had earlier this week? That morning. I opened one eye and looked toward the window. The blinds were drawn and there was dark, grey slats of light peeking their way into the bedroom. It could have been 4 am for all I knew. I blindly reached for my phone for my daily routine of checking the time and my inbox. And there is email from my good friend Anne. 

"Congrats!! You made it into Utterly Engaged Vol. 1!"

Wait...what?! YES!!!! Which image? Which image made it in?! I was like a little kid on Christmas, dying to know which of my photos was hand-picked and published among the most talented photographers out there. Elizabeth Messina's gorgeous image graces the cover and you can catch glimpses of all the talent gushing out of the issue. 

Utterly Engaged is an e-mag that is on the pulse of what it is to be a modern's filled with advice and inspiration for the everyday bride with impeccable style. I have followed their e-mag and drew inspiration for my own wedding from their e-pages. But now, UE is printing their very first issue! And below is the image chosen with Love & Light Photographs in print for the very first time! The ink is still wet, this is so new ... I am ecstatic!


Anne of BLADE NYC created a bouquet inspired by autumn and we had such a fun day at the apple farm where I snapped this photo. Every time I see this image I think of this sunny day and how much fun we had. Thank you Anne for entrusting me to photograph all your hard work, your talent is incredible. 

See the sneak peek of the issue here or below... and order a copy for yourself here! I of course ordered 3 so my biggest (and I'm sure only) fans aka my parents and my husband have a copy! I believe the last day to order your issue is tomorrow, February 8th 2014 so get going!