A Moment with... Cassie of Girl Meets Brooklyn

I love lifestyle bloggers. I follow a ton of them. I look to them for inspiration, guidance, advice, and generally just to motivate me to be a better person. When my college friend Cassie started her blog Girl Meets Brooklyn I was so excited for her. I don't even think she knows yet how great her style is and how big this really could be. Seriously, who can pull off a Canadian Tuxedo?! Not me!

But to tie it back to what I do, I love shooting lifestyle photography and to make my engagement shoots have a relaxed, genuine vibe with an editorial edge. I'd like them to be right out of the pages of a fashion magazine but to still feel relatable. So with that in mind, I asked Cassie to answer some questions such as what in the world you should wear to your engagement session, and where one can find romance when exploring Brooklyn...so take it away Cassie!


What is the inspiration behind your blog? I’ve always wanted an outlet to share my photos and travels, and to write freely on whatever inspired me. I follow many blogs and knew I wanted to create one but I couldn't figure out what the basis of it would be.  One day it just hit me…after I moved to Brooklyn, I was walking around the neighborhood and suddenly ‘girl meets brooklyn’ popped into my head; I instantly knew that would be the name of my blog. My blog is a place where people can go to not only learn about cool spots in Brooklyn but also to feel inspired as I share many DIY projects, baking recipes and overall lifestyle based posts.


Tell us about your outfit for this photo shoot...  I bought this faux shearling coat at the Brooklyn Bazaar back in December but have only been able to wear it once because of the cold weather we've been having. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to bring it out. The outfit was also inspired by my haircut – I haven’t had short hair since I was in eighth grade and that was before we had straightening irons. The style of my hair and the shearling coat made me feel like I was back in the 70s so I took the ensemble to another level by wearing a Canadian tuxedo.  


How has your style evolved through your 20's?  I’m definitely more conscious about what I wear now than when I was 21. Because I work in a corporate office, during the week I have to dress professionally, whereas in my early twenties I was always wearing jeans and would dress down whenever I could. I also gave away my ‘tight’ short dresses in exchange for more classy statement pieces but I think that just happens as you get older. I also get dressed based on my mood…some days I want to dress up, or mix different patterns and other days I’m content with wearing black and grey.


What advice do you have for couples who don't know what to wear for their engagement shoot? From engagement photos that I’ve seen through friends that have gotten engaged or married, I would advise couples to dress in something that you feel comfortable in and that fits your style. If you always wear heels than wear heels, but if you typically wear flats try to steer away from stilettos. Try not to overdress and try not to wear white – you will be all dolled up in white and overdressed on your wedding day. I think the most important part about dressing for engagement photos is to be yourself which will help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Any hidden gem areas in Brooklyn you could recommend for photo shoots? These spots aren’t exactly ‘hidden’ gems but each spot is unique with a beautiful backdrop: Williamsburg waterfront (where we shot these photos), Prospect Park (a smaller version of central park), Brooklyn Promenade (gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline) and another fun spot for a photo shoot is Coney Island.


Give us your favorite date night spot and your go-to local hang out. This is a tough one considering we have many great ‘date night’ spots but I think one of my favorites is Acqua Santa. We actually spent our first Valentines dinner here and we fell in love with the place.  The ambiance makes you feel like you’re outdoors somewhere in Italy – there are live grapevines wrapped around the roof and the walls, and beams covered with whimsical lights. The food is absolutely delicious and always tastes fresh – my favorite dish is the Spaghetti della norma (tomato sauce, eggplant, aged ricotta & pecorino). It’s a guaranteed good experience! My local hangout is Lodge – their chorizo corncakes cannot be missed!


What do you want us to think about when we think of Brooklyn? Well, first off I don't want everyone to think that because I moved to Brooklyn suddenly makes me a 'hipster'. What I do want people to know is that Brooklyn is a place that promotes creativity and individuality. A place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and have that feeling of being home (where you grew up). I’m still exploring this borough and will continue to share my experience through my blog.


Thank you so much Cassie for letting me come hang with you in Brooklyn! Please keep killing it, delivering awesome content for all of us to follow, and to keep dreaming! xo