Our First Christmas Tree + New Traditions

          Growing up, my family went through a series of stages when it comes to Christmas trees. I can remember going to pick out a tree when I was little... from rows and rows of pre-cut trees we would choose our favorite to strap the roof of our car and bring it home to decorate. But then, there was the year that we had to get a taller-than-life tree to fill the cathedral ceilings of our new family home. Let's just say that after that tree toppled over with a big crash, our family made the unspoken switch to (GASP!) the fake tree. Now, I have to say that my family was never proud of this little detail, but admittedly it was nice not to have to water the tree or sweep up endless amounts of pine needles. But the smell...I always missed the smell.

          Luckily, I married into a family that has a yearly tradition: Chopping down their very own Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving! So with leftover turkey-and-stuffing sandwiches and thermoses of spiked vanilla hot cocoa, we headed on over to the Jones Family Christmas Tree Farm. 2013 was the year of three new homes. Brian's sister, his Dad, and of course Brian and I, all purchased new homes in the past year. We were all so excited to cut down our first tree, Brian sawed away while I (of course) was on camera duty. So everyone raise a cup of spiked cocoa and cheers to new traditions...and our very first Schifilliti Family tree.